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Vaccine Rollout Update for Isanti County

The Isanti County Public Health updated the board on the Covid vaccine efforts at the last county board meeting.

To this date, the county has administered around 200 Moderna doses with no signs of receiving new vaccines this week. Working with Cambridge Medical Center, the county is looking to redistribute around 125 Pfizer vaccines for their drive-thru clinic on January 27th.

The county is still in priority group 1A but looks to take care of people in priority groups 2 & 3 with the Pfizer doses. These groups would consists of dentists, eye clinics, funeral operators, and pharmacists.

Isanti County Public Health also talked about working with Cambridge Community College in getting nursing students vaccinated to learn and help in the future.

"Its very intimidating to go to nursing school and not get the opportunity to administer" said an official for Isanti County Public Health, "I think it will be a great opportunity."

Isanti County Public Health also explained that while vaccines are out there, it just isn't in their hands and asks the public to be patient as the vaccines continue to roll out.

If you would like more information on Isanti County's efforts on the vaccine rollout or Covid in general, you can check out Isanti County's Public Health website or Facebook page.

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