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Wastewater Project Moving Forward for Foley

The city of Foley is moving forward with the wastewater regionalization project after finally being approved for permits from the state’s pollution control agency.

The project will look to add over 15 miles of force main line to connect to St. Cloud, estimated at a cost of nearly $20 million dollars.

With the new line, some were concerned with potential power consumption increases for the wastewater line. Council was assured that while it may vary depending on usage, power consumption would be closely monitored.

Other concerns the council had were with future road construction projects that could affect the route that was being taken for the wastewater line. Council was assured that all precautions were taken care of during the design phase and the crews have been in communications with MN DOT.

Council approved of the spec plans and opened up the bidding process, The project, if kept on schedule, is expected to be complete by summer or fall of 2023.

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