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Water Main Breaks Hit Milaca

The city of Milaca has been dealing with water main breaks within the city after encountering two breaks just this week that had occurred over the weekend. Crews had to work quickly to fix the lines before the cold weather moved in.

The first break took place in the northeast portion of the city, shutting off water and being repaired within a couple hours.

The second break took place on the southeastern portion of the city and took slightly longer to fix, being repaired by the late evening hours. The main was located directly under a gas mainline and numerous fiber trunk lines. Crews used heated pressurized water and a vac to remove mud and rock away from the lines to prevent them from breaking.

Milaca Public Works stated that the city sees an average of 5 breaks a year, usually the result of the water main being backfilled with clay and large rock. A couple of breaks this year have possibly been linked to firefighting efforts causing large water movement and sudden stops.

The city of Milaca and the Public Works Department would like to thank citizens for their understanding as they worked to return service as soon as possible.

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