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Woman, 59, Dies From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The following is a press release from the Pine County Sheriff's Office:

"On 02-09-20 at about 2049 hours, Pine County Deputies, Moose Lake Police, Moose Lake Fire Department and Mercy Ambulance were dispatched to a medical at 87060 Alder Loop in Sturgeon Lake.

When Moose Lake fire arrived, they advised family members had broken a door to gain access to the cabin and the victims.

A 59-year-old female identified as Brenda Ann Kurys was pronounced dead at the scene and a 57-year-old male was unconscious and having difficulty breathing. The male was transported to Mercy Hospital in Moose Lake and transferred to a Metro area hospital. As of 02-24-20 he has been released from the hospital and is still recovering.

The cabin was found to be heated with portable heating units. One of the units was a propane heater, commonly called a “sunflower”. That type of heater is not designed for use in non-ventilated situations. Moose Lake fire advised the cabin air had elevated levels of carbon monoxide when they arrived.

Midwest Medical Examiners performed an examination and confirmed the cause of death was due to carbon monoxide toxicity.

We want to remind people that the heating season is still here and the use of portable heaters, whether electric or other fuel source, creates dangers."

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