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Zimmerman man sentenced to 30 years in attempted murder, robbery case

A Zimmerman man was sentenced to 30 years in prison on Thursday for a 2021 attempt to steal guns from a pawn shop.

According to a Sherburne County press release, 20-year-old Manuel Buck was convicted of attempted theft, attempted burglary, and attempted second-degree murder after trying to break into the Zimmerman Trading Post on July 10, 2021.

When two witnesses chased Buck after the shop’s alarms sounded, he turned around and began swinging a machete, injuring his pursuers. The witnesses were able to detain Buck until law enforcement arrived.

The criminal investigation determined that Buck planned to rob the store of guns to commit a mass shooting. A cache of ammunition and bomb-making materials was discovered by the FBI and county investigators stashed in a Sherburne County park.

According to the release, investigators learned of "numerous instances" going back to 2018 where Buck researched previous mass shootings.

Sherburne County District Court Judge Karen Schommer was the sentencing judge in the case.

“The victims are the people who placed themselves in harm’s way in this case. Their selfless

actions prevented what could have been grievous harm to many others. On behalf of the

citizens of this County, I extend to them my heartfelt thanks,” said County Attorney Kathleen

Heaney. “I also extend my deep appreciation to our criminal justice partners who assisted us in this extensive investigation.”

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