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Nominations for Pine City Citizen of the Year Open - 8-2 News

Jason Rarick Supports Lowering Health Insurance Rates

With the help of Pine City’s representative, insurance rates could be decreasing.

Minnesota House Republican Jason Rarick of Pine City voted to reverse the double digit premium hikes that came from the federal level.

MN Department of Commerce just released a report that states the reforms could end a 4 year in a row increase.

Rarick said that one of his top priorities heading into 2017 was lowering healthcare costs to citizens while still giving access and choices.

The Minnesota Premium Security Plan has to be approved in Washington, but if it does, it would halt the rising costs.

Pine County Sheriff's Department and Jail Engage in Friendly Competition

A friendly competition between the Sheriff’s Department and Jail will benefit students.

The Pine County Sheriff’s Department and Pine City Jail have announced a competition between the two to see who can collect the most donated school supplies.

The supplies will then be donated to all schools in Pine County and runs now through August 23rd.

Whichever of the two sides raises the most supplies will get to choose what happens to the loser, according to the release.

Early Start to the Octoberfest Season Offered in August

Fall might not be here yet but the Oktoberfest season kicks off this month.

The Danbury area Lions Club is hosting their 17th annual Oktoberfest Saturday, August 19th from 1 pm to 9.

They’ll serve traditional German food and have bands performing as well.

Oktoberfest is being held in downtown Danbury at the ballpark.

Nominations for Pine City Citizen of the Year Open

Pine City is currently accepting applicants for its Citizen of the Year award.

Pine City Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Becky Schueller said the award has a long history.

To nominate a Pine City resident, write a short letter describing why they should receive the award, and mail, email, or drop off that letter to the Pine City Chamber of Commerce located inside City Hall.

The contest is only open to those who are indeed Pine City residents, and the deadline is August 31st.

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