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2017 Pine City Graduation Rate Above State Average

The Pine City School District currently tops state averages according to the Minnesota Department of Education.

Specifically, the district is hitting a higher mark than the rest when it comes to graduating its students. Pine City graduated 85.2% of seniors in 2017, compared to the statewide average of 82.7%.

In total, the district graduated 121 students in 2017; 22 more than in 2014. The most recent mark also beat out 2016’s final tally by 3.9%.

One category of students Pine City does not meet state graduation marks in are those enrolled in special education. However, they only lack by 0.3% versus state averages, and the small number of students in the program can greatly skew the overall percentage greatly. For instance, in 2017, 14 of the 23 students in special education graduated. Removing or adding just one graduate in that group creates a four point swing.

Regardless, District Superintendent Annette Freiheit said they would be focusing on graduating more students in special ed.

You can find other schools' 2017 graduation rates by clicking here and searching the school's name.

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