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Behind the Scenes: How the Decision to Close School is Made

This year’s record snowfall has caused many school districts in the state to miss multiple days of school. Pine City Public Schools missed four days in late January due to cold temperatures and snow fall.

Often times people are left wondering what goes into the decision to cancel school or let school out early on some days but not others.

Superintendent of Pine City Schools Annette Freiheit says there is more consideration than just how bad the weather is currently.

"Number one is our student and staff safety. We want to make sure kids are getting to and from school safely including those who walk, kids who ride the buses, and kids who are dropped off by their parents," said Freiheit.

Road conditions play a big factor too. Freiheit will always consult with the school's transportation department since they are the ones who drive the buses. Freiheit said, "Our buses go on a lot of roads that don't get plowed until later."

Freiheit will also talk to the superintendents of surrounding districts because those districts usually face similar conditions to Pine City.

According to Minnesota statutes, schools must have a minimum of 165 days and over 1,000 hours of instructional time for students in grades seven through twelve.

You can listen to Superintendent Freiheit go into more detail about closing school and make up days during her monthly school board update on WCMP.

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