Ryder's Saloon Wins Burger Battle 2019

Almost a thousand people ventured out this winter for the inaugural WCMP Burger Battle! Ryder's Saloon was crowned Burger Battle Champion after raking in a whopping 9.49 average rating on their Ryder's Burger.

There were seven businesses that participated in the Burger Battle: Ryder's Saloon, Chubby's Sports Bar and Grill, Pine City American Legion, Flickabirds Resort, Bulrush Golf Club, Cassidy's Gold Pine, and Captain's Trackside Grille.

All of the burgers in the competition were very highly rated with the highest rating of a 9.49 and the lowest rating being 8.93. Every burger had many high scores.

Thank you to everyone who participated and Congratulations to Ryder's Saloon!

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