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Dog Shot and Killed by Isanti Police Officer

An Isanti Police Officer shot and killed a dog Saturday morning while responding to a report of a dog bite.

According to a press release, officers were called to the 1000 block of Buckskin Street Southeast Saturday morning. The homeowner told law enforcement that he had been bitten by a neighbor's Great Dane.

While interviewing the victim, the Officer reportedly heard screaming from nearby Marion Street Southeast. The report stated that the Officer drove to the area to investigate.

As he left his patrol car, the dog reportedly ran at him, barking aggressively. The Officer then fell to the ground and fired his gun to stop the attack, killing the dog.

The Officer was treated for minor injuries.

The Isanti Police Department noted that the dog had been designated a "Potentially Dangerous Dog" from a previous incident. The owner had reportedly been cited three times in the past 18 months for "dogs at large."

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