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Isanti Looks to Make Changes on Heritage Avenue

The City of Isanti is looking into adding a new traffic stop at Dual Boulevard on Heritage Avenue. The city reached out to Minnco Credit Union about acquiring a parcel of land back in December, estimating the cost at $8 per square foot, or roughly $160,000 before site work.

While the cost seemed high, the council agreed that something needed to be done but differences arose on the ideas of a 4-way stop and a roundabout. Councilmember Jimmy Gordon believed a roundabout would allow for traffic to flow, especially with right-hand turns.

“You never stop with a roundabout, it’s always a right-hand turn out of there. I don’t want to spend the money on it,” said Gordon

Isanti Mayor Jeff Johnson expressed his opinion on the issue to Council Member Gordon.

“I definitely don’t want to spend money on a roundabout, because you just said it, it’s not going to stop anything. And that’s these businesses on the side, yours included, would be hard to get out of there on a roundabout,” said Johnson.

Johnson stated that multiple businesses have approached the city about the issue.

The purchase and project would be funded using general fund money, which could affect taxes. The council decided to estimate total costs and will continue discussions with more information when available.

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