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Kanabec County commissioners rescind action on Ten Commandments display

The Kanabec County Board of Commissioners voted to rescind a board action to hang the Ten Commandments in the lobby of the courthouse during Tuesday’s meeting.

During the board’s Dec. 20 meeting, former commissioner Craig Smith introduced a motion to display the Ten Commandments in the Kanabec County Courthouse.

The motion was seconded by now-chair Rick Mattson, and passed 4-1, with Alison Holland as the lone “nay” vote.

According to County Coordinator Kris McNally, Smith first inquired about posting the Ten Commandments in the courthouse lobby in September of 2022.

He had allegedly been told they may have been on display prior to the courthouse remodel, which the current county maintenance staff could neither confirm nor deny.

McNally said a legal opinion was sought and received following the action and prior to Tuesday’s meeting.

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