Kanabec County Discusses Remote Working Efficiency

The Kanabec County Board held a discussion on county employees still working from home due to the Covid pandemic and their home capabilities.

Since implementing the county's Covid Reopening Plan, some county commissioners wondered if current employees working remotely were still able to preform their tasks at the same level as if they were back in office.

Many county employees have already returned to in-office conditions expect for a handful from different departments including Public Health.

Questions were asked in regards to computer security in home and tracking of employee’s time, with much discussion focused on internet speeds.

Kanabec County Board Member Kris McNally expressed his interest in efficiency with working from home based on the county’s current internet capabilities.

"With the majority of the county on the speeds that I have, there is no way that I am as efficient at home as I am at the office. Loading certain things and getting things done, it takes more time."

The board was informed that county employees had to submit results of home internet speed tests to show their residence could sustain remote working, with certain workers receiving hotspots to be able to support work from home.

While the county currently does not have the ability to track employee's work usage while they are on the clock, management can still monitor who in their departments are active.

The board asked that cost figures be run to determine if remote working could be a viable option before any potential policy changes took place.

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