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Kanabec County Looking at New Tech Position

The Kanabec County Sheriff’s Office and the county’s information systems department approached the board about a new position at the February 2nd board meeting.

With a key member in charge leaving in the spring, the two departments have come together to seek out a qualified candidate. The position would be a system analysis role, working mostly with the Sheriff’s department's equipment and software, and the remaining duties with the county.

The board questioned whether the position was really needed and if the budget could really allow for it. Kanabec County Sheriff Brian Smith explained how this affects his deputies and how it's not just a Kanabec County issue.

"To be able to focus on the issues and then train the staff to do that will cut into our regular job responsibilities," said Sheriff Brian Smith to the board, "and I know this is not just a Kanabec County issue, there is at least three other sheriffs in District 2 that are having the same issues."

Sheriff Smith and Information Systems Director Lisa Blowers brought forth the idea that Cares Act money could finance the position for the first year before being budgeted into the following year.

The board approved of a job description to be drafted and reviewed before a formal decision was made.

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