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Kanabec County Talks Vaccine Rollout

Last week, Kanabec County Public Health began its rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Kanabec County had seen a bump in cases, seeing a 600 cases jump since November 4th, placing the total at 897 today. So far, two vaccines have been approved for emergency use by the FDA.

According to the County’s Public Health Director Kathy Burski, their administering of the vaccine will start as a trickle as they lay the infrastructure. The County has only received around 100 doses of the vaccines to start and prioritization within the health care field is taking place.

"Even within the health system, they had to prioritize who would get it because there just isn't enough right away to take care of everybody." told Burski

Burski said Public Health's focus to start will be public health nurses and EMS workers. Kanabec County is looking to open a public facility to help with the rollout, once vaccines become more widely available.

More information on the vaccine is available on the Kanabec County Website. You can listen to the full conversation with Kathy Burski on the Q-Media On-Demand podcast.


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