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Kanabec County to Purchase New Jail Cameras

The Kanabec County Board approved a request to upgrade the county jail’s camera system.

Over the course of last year, the jail’s current system was put into question once quarantine guidelines were implemented and inmates had to be separated.

Now with the courts catching up on sentences that were put on hold due to restrictions, unused spaces must now be utilized where cameras do not have coverage.

While hoping to be able to simply upgrade the current system, county officials discovered during research that technology limitations would require a whole new system to be installed.

The department would see the total number of camera increase to 112 to make the jail PREA compliant and provide extra safety to inmates and staff. The new addition would also come with new software and installation of the new equipment.

Estimate costs for the new cameras sits over $310,000 dollars which the county stated they could use funds issued from the American Rescue Plan to cover the cost.

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