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Mora City Council reviews community survey results

The Mora City Council reviewed the results of the 2022 community survey during Tuesday's meeting.

According to Community Development Director Kirsten Faurie, the city received 65 more responses than the previous year's survey. Mora received 181 total responses, for a response rate of 12%. It was the first year since 2015 that the city reached a response rate over 10% for the community survey.

Residents rated their overall feeling of safety, fire protection services, and the condition of the Mora Aquatic Center higher than in 2021.

Faurie said public perception on the quality of city snow plowing was more negative than in previous years, but still positive overall. She posited that an especially snowy 2022 played a role in that shift.

Faurie also noted that a number of survey participants indicated that they don't have computers or internet access to reach the city website.

Mora staff plans to use the survey results to identify opportunities to educate the public on city functions.

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