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Mora residents may keep home chicken flocks with city permit

The city of Mora adopted an ordinance providing residents a path to keeping chickens in their own backyards.

Mora residents may legally keep a small flock of laying hens within city limits if they get a permit from the city.

According to Mora regulations, no more than three chickens can be kept on any one property, and are only allowed on properties with single-family homes. No roosters are allowed, and chickens must be kept in an adequate, sanitary outdoor coop and run.

Chickens must also have leg bands, which will be provided by the city.

To obtain a permit, pick up an application from Mora City Hall and include a property site plan, a sketch of the proposed coop, and letters of support from all adjacent property owners.

The completed application and a $50 permit fee can be returned to City Hall.

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