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North Branch City Council sets public hearing on Neider complaints

The North Branch City Council set a public hearing to consider allegations made against council member Kelly Neider during a special session Monday night.

According to mayor Kevin Schieber, two complaints were lodged against Neider by North Branch resident Patrick Meacham. One complaint was made in February, and one was made in March.

Meacham is a former city council member and currently sits on the Water and Light Commission.

The public hearing will be held on Wednesday, May 24 at 6 p.m. Schieber said details about the complaints will be revealed at that time.

Council member Peter Schaps was the lone "nay" vote for setting a public hearing. Neider was in attendance at the special session, but was not allowed to participate in the vote.

Neider said she was informed about the special session last week, and asked the city attorney's office to make it an open meeting. She expressed concerns that the meeting was advertised as closed on the North Branch website.

"Every meeting starts as an open meeting until we close it," Schieber said.

Schaps responded by saying, "I'd just like to see us function honestly with our citizens. So if we have a meeting like this that's announced to be a closed session, and the person that it's about is asked to make an election and says 'hey, I want this meeting open,' they're saying it for a reason. They're saying it so citizens can attend."

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