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North Branch Issues License For Smoke Shop Under New Ownership

Earlier this month, the North Branch City Council approved of a tobacco license for the Cloud X Vapes’ location under new ownership.

Cloud X Vapes had their license revoked back in June after numerous citations and complaints involving selling tobacco products to minors and other violations.

A former employee is seeking to purchase the business and due to history of the establishment, a formal background was run with no connection to the previous owners.

Council was concerned that the application listed that no other employees would be working at the location and how the new owner would be able to handle customer demand and keep operations running. The new owner confirmed that they would operate the store on their own to begin and would hire employees at a later date, none of whom would be previous employees.

Council warned that the business would be under higher compliance checks due to recent history at the business.

Council voted to approve the tobacco license by a vote of 3-1 with Mayor Swenson being the only nay vote.

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