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North Branch to Make Changes to Nuisance Code

North Branch City Council voted to approve changes to their nuisance city code at their last meeting

The ordinance change was described as “a long time in the making” in reference to the problematic situation nearly 2 years ago that sparked the push. A draft of the new ordinance was completed in June of 2020 but changes in positions and reviews have kept the amendment from being finalized.

The city states that the changes will eliminate ambiguity, create a forum for proactive discussions & outline a process that not only protects property owners but clear directions for the city to enforce. The system will still remain complaint-based which council reminded the public that forms are available at city hall.

North Branch Mayor Jim Swenson remind the public that this amendment has been in the works for awhile.

"This has been talked about for two years, this didn't just come up in the last two weeks." said Mayor Swenson, "What we are trying to do is to clear this up so that is is easier for you to mitigate the situation."

Council members expressed their approval of the change with councilmember Meechum stating that the amendment would ensure enforcement would be education-first and that it will make the city better for all.

While not wanting to issue citations for continued issues, these changes will allow the city to take more action where they couldn't before.

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