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Northern Minnesota Woman Charged Following Infant Death

A Northern Minnesota woman has been charged with manslaughter after allegedly killing her 5-month-old daughter in Mora back in January.

According to the criminal complaint, During the early morning hours on January 22nd, the child’s father came home from an evening out to discovered 28-year-old Sarah Declusin passed out on her coach with the child between her and a back cushion.

Declusin told authorities that she had placed her children to bed and that someone must have entered the residence moved the child. Authorities interviewed witnesses who claim Sarah had been drinking and had consumed prescription drugs and illegal narcotics during the course of the previous day. The child's father had attempted to get in contact with Declusin earlier that morning with no success.

Declusin has been charged with 2nd degree manslaughter and child endangerment with a maximum sentence of 30 years and or $30,000 fine, her next court date is scheduled for June 2nd.

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