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Ogilvie Raceway employee injured after being struck by race vehicle

An Ogilvie Raceway employee was injured on Saturday after being struck by a race vehicle while in the infield area of the track.

According to a news release from the Kanabec County Sheriff's Office, deputies responded to the Raceway at about 10 p.m. Jordan Fischer, a 20-year-old Ogilvie man, was stationed on an ATV when one of the buses that was racing hit the north wall of the track.

The driver of the truck, Ramsey resident Paul Davis, told authorities the impact caused his throttle to stick and his steering to lock, which careened the bus into the infield area.

The release states that Fischer was unable to get out of the path of the bus, and the ATV was struck. Fischer and the ATV were knocked to the side of the bus; he was airlifted to St. Cloud Hospital with unknown injuries, but was conscious and responsive.

According to an update issued by the Ogilvie Raceway, Fischer was due to be released from the hospital on Sunday to recover at home.

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