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Reconsideration on Erosion Control Project Weighed for Ann River/Fish Lake

The Kanabec County Board heard a request for funding a lake and river erosion control project during their mid-May meeting.

The Kanabec County Soil and Water Conservation District is seeking reconsideration from the county to fund shoreline protections and revitalization along the Ann River and Fish Lake. The district has already received funding from the Pokegama Lake and Fish Lake Improvement Associations & Arthur Township stated they had interest in contributing as well.

Jon Sanford, Supervisor for District #3 Soil and Water, touched on the current state of erosion in the area.

"It has really washed away really fast. What it is doing is washing the sand and dirt downstream and catching up behind the dam. Its got so shallow through there people can't even get a boat under the bridge because it has filled in so much."

The SWCD had brought a similar request to the board back in 2020, which estimated costs sat at around $80,000 whereas today’s costs put it at around $120,000. The county would look to contribute up to 25% of the total project. The county board did also question why the Minnesota DNR hadn’t contributed anything to the project yet.

The Soil and Water board will present official options and total costs for the project, the board will vote on a decision during their meeting in June.

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