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Sherburne County Offering Covid Relief

Sherburne County is offering assistance to businesses that have been impacted by Covid-19.

Around $1.9 million dollars of funding has been made available by the state to help impacted businesses, with 25 applications being received so far.

The funds are to be distributed in two waves, first with businesses who have been shut down due to the executive order with a second tier for all businesses who have been impacted elsewise.

“Sherburne County itself as an organization lost a lot of money last year due to Covid-19 but we know first and foremost, we want to help our families and our businesses,” said Sherburne County Administrator Bruce Messelt.

“We excited to be able to help, we would like to do more and if the federal or state government allows us to, we will be doing this again."

Last year, Sherburne County was able to help 170 businesses with the federal funds provided. There is a January 22nd deadline for applications, you can find a copy of the application form on Sherburne County’s website to download or a print copy is available to pick up as well.

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