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Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office presents life-saving award

Sherburne County Sheriff Joel Brott honored four-year-old Asher Milless with a Life Saving Award for his actions in helping his mother during a medical emergency during last week’s county board meeting.

According to Brott, Asher’s mom, Rachel Milless, collapsed in the kitchen of her Orrock Township home in November of 2022. Her husband, Tyler, was traveling out of state for work.

Brott said Asher called Tyler’s mother to relay Rachel’s state, and the four-year-old boy also unlocked the front door to help paramedics enter the residence.

When paramedics arrived, Rachel was in septic shock. She was taken to the hospital to be treated for pneumonia and influenza.

Doctors said Asher’s actions were life-saving ones for his mother, who has made a full recovery.

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