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Two arrested in attempted Chisago County burglary

The Chisago County Sheriff’s Office arrested a father and son for attempted burglary on Friday.

The office got a call Friday morning from a property owner in Nessel Township who said motion cameras captured someone on his property.

Deputies who arrived at the scene reported seeing footprints up and down the driveway and a man waiting at a vehicle. He said his dad was coming back with a can of gasoline.

The footprints led around the property’s out buildings and into the barn, where deputies found property stacked up and ready to be removed.

A search using a handheld thermal device led to the discovery of the second suspect, who was hiding in the snow for over 30 minutes.

The father and son, both on probation for previous crimes, were arrested. The father was checked out and cleared at a local hospital for possible hypothermia.

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