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7-5 News: BASE Jumpers Arrested in Wyoming

Unemployment rates Kanabec County

Recently released statistics show Kanabec County and Pine County struggling with unemployment.

The counties as a whole are tied for 7th highest in the state for unemployment rate.

The state of Minnesota has an unemployment rate of 3.7, while Kanabec and Pine sit at 4.8 percent.

FirstLight Health System and Mora public schools combined provide over 9 percent of all jobs in Kanabec County.

For more info and stats on the survey see this article.

BASE Jumpers Arrested in Wyoming

The Wyoming Police Department recently apprehended three men who jumped off a cellphone tower.

The three climbed the tower and ignored orders to get down.

They proceeded to BASE jump, using parachutes to land safely.

BASE is an acronym that stands for building, antenna, span and earth.

Once on the ground the three were arrested and brought to jail.

They're being charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct, and obstructing legal process.

The department warns this is an extremely dangerous act that will end in arrest with names sent to the department of Homeland security for trespassing on a public utilities site.

ECRL Resources Now Available

The East Central Library System is unveiling two exciting new programs.

The first is called Universal Class, and offers classes ranging from legal practices to cooking meals, plus hundreds more, all through an online database.

They’re also rolling out the Atomic Training database, to help citizens become more well versed when it comes to computer programs as well as phones and tablets.

All of these resources are free to those with an ECRL library card and can be found on

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