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Former Cambridge PD Chief Described as 'Pathological Liar'

The allegations that led to the resignation of former Cambridge Police Chief Tim Dwyer have been released.

Complaints from city officials range from financial errors Dwyer made, to overall leadership and conduct problems.

Cambridge City Administrator Lynda Woulfe even went as far as to say this: "I have grown to realize that Dwyer is a pathological liar. At first one wants to assume good intent and can wonder if it was simply a case of communication errors or misunderstanding."

Dwyer claims he never received the list of allegations against him, but he and the city agreed that he resign in a mutual agreement.

At one point in the lengthy report, it's said that Dwyer's staff even joked about how often he was caught in a lie.

You can read the entire report of the allegations against Dwyer by clicking here.

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