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Man Found with Stolen Car, Handgun

A man faces at least five felony charges after stealing two cars, a handgun and operating a vehicle while impaired.

On December 6th, the Pine County Sheriff received a call from a woman who said that she was in a stolen vehicle that was stuck in a ditch.

When deputies arrived, they found the driver had managed to get the vehicle unstuck but they still were able to locate it.

The driver was uncooperative and would not communicate with the deputies. This caused them to deploy Pine County K9 Chaos.

During the standoff with the K9, the driver started to taunt the handler. He asked for the deputies to use the K9 on him.

Deputies used the dog as a distraction and managed to subdue the driver without needed to use the K9.

The driver was found to be intoxicated and carrying a loaded handgun. The gun was found to be stolen from a home in Burnett County that had been burglarized and set on fire earlier that morning.

He will face charges in both Pine and Burnett counties.

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