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Braham Suffers First Conference Loss

The Tigers and Bombers duked it out in Rush City on Thursday night.

Both teams came into the game without a blemish on their conference record, but unfortunately only one could win.

Rush City stormed out in front early capitalizing off of the serves of Cora Sayotovich. The scoreboard will say the first set was a landslide 25-8 win for Rush City, but watching the game it was anything but. It looked as if the set had gone into extra points. Braham was able to turn things around in set two and Julia Kuhnke was a big reason why. She had multiple kills, and was literally laying it on the line to help her team. The Bombers and Tigers would swing back and forth with the lead neither able to grab firm control. It looked like we were heading for a photo finish in the set but the Tigers had other plans. Tied at 14 the Tigers went on a 11-0 run which would end the set giving them a 2-0 lead in the match.

The third set similar to the 2nd was back and forth trading leads and momentum. Braham looked primed to come and steal set three and push it to a fourth set. But late in the set a call for the judges lead to the Bombers grabbing a one point lead but after deliberation the judges overturned the call and the point switched to the Tigers. Braham was obviously distraught but knew they couldn't hang their heads as they were still in the game. Rush City used this switch to build a lead but yet again Braham wouldn't go away quietly getting within two points of the lead. Then the Tigers were able to end the set 25-21 and the match 3-0.

The Tigers moved to 3-0 in the conference and will head to Pine City to play the rival Dragons on Tuesday.

The Bombers suffer their first conference loss and will host Ogilvie on Tuesday.

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