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Cambridge "on the clock" for decision on Lake Fannie land parcels

Cambridge has executed a land option for exclusive rights to several parcels of land on Lake Fannie, and administrator Evan Vogel says the city is now “on the clock” to decide on making a purchase.

The city council unanimously approved a parks master plan from SEH for the site at last week’s meeting.

Vogel said city officials have discussed constructing a public swimming beach at the location.

"We need to start identifying what it would look like if the city were to undertake the parks project that it has discussed," he said. "We need to need to start understanding what portion of this land may be best suited for development."

Cambridge will have 12 to 18 months to do its due diligence and decide whether it will purchase the land.

Vogel said that time frame will determine the feasibility of a large-scale beach project.

"Part of this process would identify, is the dream possible? Is it possible to have a swimming beach?" Vogel said. "All indications to this point indicate that it is."

A public beach, pavilion/events center, and public access boat launch are all included in the scope of the potential project.

According to SEH's proposal, a final parks master plan is anticipated by July 31, 2024. The firm also anticipates preliminary analysis of the site and a "fit test" for potential new features and facilities being accomplished by Dec. 18.

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