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Dragon Tennis Ready to Start the Year

The Pine City girls tennis team opened up the 2020 season with practice on August 17th. In a school year that will look very different, it is good to see some sort of normalcy come back in the form of a strong Dragon Tennis team.

Head Coach Kristin Unverzagt told WCMP: "We are off to a good start it was so good to see the girls and get back on the court... they have been working hard this summer and it shows."

The MSHSL decided earlier this summer that football and volleyball will have to be postponed to the spring but allowed tennis to play due to being a higher risk sports. Unverzagt added, "there was definitely a lot of excitement at our house. I'm glad that the girls will have the opportunity to still have some sort of season despite some of the restrictions."

The Dragons had a really strong season last year and only graduated one senior last year so they are in a good position to be competitive this year. Unverzagt said, "We will be led by our two captains Lydia Adams and Katie Miller, they are our two seniors this year... they are such positive role models and I think it'll be good for both the new faces because they feel comfortable and excited to play the game learn it and for the returners they know they have awesome leadership to fall back on and rely on as we are plugging through this season."

While tennis did the go ahead to play there are still some safety restrictions in place to keep the girls safe. Unverzagt said, "there are typical safety protocols in place like sanitizing the balls and washing hands and the hygiene."

The biggest changes will come with the schedule. The Dragons will play each team in their conference twice in the same week once at home and once away. Plus this season there will be no tournaments.

The Dragons open up the season on August 27th at home against Virginia.

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