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Jared Polzine Steps Down as Dragons' Head Coach

Jared Polzine has decided to step down as the head coach of the Pine City football team.

Polzine has been coaching at Pine City for 17 years, he’s been the head coach for 11 of those years. Polzine told WCMP that one of the biggest things that lead to his decision was his family. Polzine said, “My kids have gotten older and into more school activities, and I want to be there and support what they do in school as they get older.”

Polzine said he knew he needed to step back and take time away from coaching, but that there is a possibility he coaches in some form again. Polzine saw some success as the Dragons' head coach, but they were not able to reach the State Tournament. Polzine added, “One of the goals was to make it to the state tournament, that’s one thing that eluded us.”

Polzine went on to say he felt fortunate enough to be able to coach in the section championship twice. In the same interview Polzine reminisced about winning big games, winning conference titles, but one of the games he mentioned was the playoff win over Annandale in 2016: “Going over there as a pretty big underdog, and playing a fantastic game, I get chills just talking about it.” He added that it’s not just about the games, but about the players, and parents he’s met, and being surrounded by the coaches, some who have been there for most of his career. Polzine said he hopes to have made a positive impact on the players he’s coached, and hopes he’s helped develop them into fine young men.

No replacement has been named at this time. Congratulations Jared Polzine, on a great coaching career!

Photo Credit: Traci LeBrun

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