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Mora Falls in Semifinal, Foley on to Section Championship!

Mora hosted Foley in the final game to be played a historic Bergloff-Deis field.

In a game with so much on the line, even more emotion was pumped in with it being the final game on Bergloff-Deis field. The energy from both sidelines was palpable.

The opening kick went to Foley, but they couldn't coral it cleanly and it bounced down inside the 10 before Foley was able to jump on it. The Falcons would start from their own 5 yard line. With being backed up inside their own 10 to start the drive there wasn't much success, as they went three and out and punted the ball to Mora. The Mustangs would start on the Falcons side of the 50. Only a few plays later Connor Gmahl would find the endzone and put Mora on the board first 6-0. Both teams had a possession after that but neither could find the endzone and the 1st quarter came to a close. The second quarter started off on the wrong foot for Foley, they would get the ball back but immediately go three and out again. They would line up to punt the ball away but instead Bryce Gapinski took off running down the sideline. He turn on the jets and zoomed by everyone for an 84 yard touchdown to tie the game at 6. Once Mora got the ball back they drove it downfield in a hurry, on a mission to take back the lead. Their drive was slowly but steadily bringing them into Foley territory. Tucker Hass would check into the game and make a statement. He took the carry broke off of multiple tacklers and trotted into the endzone from 35 yards away to make it a 12-6 for Mora. Foley would have a similar drive to Mora's, steady yet methodically march down the field while taking time off the clock. With 8 seconds to go in the 1st half QB Evan Miller found Gapinski on the slant route for the touchdown, they'd make the extra point and take their first lead 13-12. Mora went into trailing 13-12.

The 2nd half didn't have much for offense but the defenses showed out. Although the defenses were putting forth a strong effort, Mora's offense did manage to put a drive together. Nolan McGaw punched it in from from 5 yards out, they converted the 2 point conversion and gave themselves a 20-13 lead. Late in the fourth quarter Foley put their offense back on the field. They found a groove and marched the ball into Mora territory. With the ball sitting on the 25 yard line, Miller stepped back to pass and found Gapinski on a leaping grab in the back of the endzone. Down by one the Falcons decided to go for 2. Miller took the snap scrambled out right and walked in for the 2, to give Foley a 21-20 lead. Mora had one final shot to go down and win. The Mustang offense was able to put together a decent drive that brought them inside the Foley 15. But the Falcon defense stiffened and stopped Mora on 3rd bringing up a 4th down decision. The Mustangs put their trust in their kicker Lopez to send them home victorious. It all lined up perfectly, but the kick would miss wide left, and Foley walked away with an upset win.

With the loss Mora's season comes to an end, as does their time playing on Bergloff-Deis field. They finish 6-4.

As for Foley, they'll keep the underdog mentality as they will meet up against Milaca in the Section 5AAA Championship game on Friday(11/04/22)!

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