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Results of North Branch's Track Meet at Chisago Lakes

North Branch brought their team to Chisago Lakes high school to compete indoors, while we all wait for the snow to fully melt.

Here are the results for North Branch from their meet in Chisago.


55 Meter Dash - Finals

4th- Austin Anderson 7.26 North Branch, 13th- Michael Dragicevich 7.61 North Branch, 16th- Eric Flor 7.71 North Branch, 25th- Brady Taff 8.15 North Branch

200 Meters - Finals

3rd- Dooley Beaver 26.53 North Branch, 13th- Matthew Fenton 30.02 North Branch

800 Meters - Finals Jordan Stumm 2:21.55 North Branch, 5th- William Stelmack 2:42.02 North Branch, 9th- Tanner Peterson 2:50.11 North Branch

1600 Meters - Finals

5th- Andrew Witkowski 5:48.17 North Branch

55m Hurdles - 39"- Finals

3rd- Blake Lelm 10.98 North Branch

4x200 Relay - Finals

1st- North Branch 1:47.05

4x800 Relay - Finals

2nd- North Branch 10:20.60

Shot Put - 12lb - Finals

4th- Jayden Roske 37-03.00 North Branch, 13th- Jack Nelson 32-02.00 North Branch, 15th- Michael Dragicevich 26-04.00 North Branch

High Jump - Finals

6th- Blake Lelm 5-00.00 North Branch, 9th- Paul Boelk 4-08.00 North Branch

Pole Vault - Finals

3rd- Eric Flor 10-00.00 North Branch

Long Jump- Finals

2nd- Nick Bovitz 17-09.50 North Branch, 5th- Brody Rothe 16-08.50 North Branch

Triple Jump - Finals

1st- Carson Weber 37-00.75 North Branch, 2nd- Nick Bovitz 37-00.25 North Branch


55 Meter Dash - Finals

2nd- Ella Kuhlman 8.17 North Branch, 10th- Tianna Costen 8.60 North Branch, 16th- Kailey Olson 8.74 North Branch, 21st- Jade Knoespel 8.82 North Branch, 25th- Kailie Kopp 8.86 North Branch, 27th- Ava Gerten 8.90 North Branch, 35th- Amelia Bjerketvedt 9.32 North Branch, 36th- Olivia Erickson 9.36 North Branch, 38th- Josie Parruccci 9.37 North Branch, 42nd- Emma Anderson 9.61 North Branch

200 Meters - Finals

3rd- Shaeyna Andreotti 31.51 North Branch, 11th- Alexis Sway 33.32 North Branch

800 Meters - Finals

1st- Ella Kuhlman 2:40.92 North Branch, 4th- Ava Witkowski 2:46.41 North Branch, 5th- Blanca Gonzalez Serra 3:06.29 North Branch, 9th- Ren'ee Brake 3:24.91 North Branch, 10th- Matilde Terzi 3:37.61 North Branch

1600 Meters - Finals

9th- Kylie Anderson 7:20.38 North Branch

55m Hurdles - 33" - Finals

2nd- Shaeyna Andreotti 9.94 North Branch, 5th- Brianna Polipnick 10.55 North Branch, 10th- Amelia Bjerketvedt 11.62 North Branch

Shot Put - 4kg - Finals

7th- Rylee Ramberg 26-02.00 North Branch, 8th- Jenna Minke 26-01.00 North Branch, 9th- Claire Husnik 25-09.00 North Branch, 11th- Mazie Hanson24-09.00 North Branch, 14th- Asaysha Olson 23-06.00 North Branch, 19th- Emma Anderson 20-11.00 North Branch, 20th- Jennifer Stuber 18-09.00 North Branch

High Jump - Finals

1st- Asaysha Olson4-06.00 North Branch, 4th- Avery Smith4-04.00 North Branch, 5th- Jade Knoespel 4-04.00 North Branch, T6th- Heidi Hedberg 4-02.00 North Branch, T6th- Kailie Kopp 4-02.00 North Branch, T6th- Matilde Terzi 4-02.00 North Branch

Pole Vault - Finals

1st- Dakota Esget 9-00.00 North Branch 2nd- Derrian Dick 8-06.00 North Branch, 3rd- Ella Dick 8-00.00 North Branch, T5th- Kailey Olson 7-06.00 North Branch, T5th- Josie Parruccci 7-06.00 North Branch, 8th- Tianna Costen 6-00.00 North Branch

Long Jump - Finals

1st- Asaysha Olson 14-04.00 North Branch, 7th- Ava Gerten 10-09.75 North Branch, 9th- Jennifer Stuber 9-05.00North Branch

Triple Jump - Finals

3rd- Mazie Hanson 23-11.00 North Branch, 4th- Alexis Sway 23-03.00 North Branch

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