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Section 7AA Track and Field Results

Section track and field meets took place on Friday. Here's a list of the athletes who competed in the finals and who'll be headed to state.

Section 7AA

Girls 100 Meter Dash

3rd Dakota Esget North Branch 13.18, 4th Ella Kuhlman North Branch 13.29, 5th Parker Ennis Mora 13.38, 8th Lena Roubinek Pine City 13.67

Boys 200 Meters

7th Zack Anderson North Branch 24.57

Girls 200 Meters

1st 26.91 Sophia Thorsen North Branch State bound!, 5th 27.91 Sophia Benedict North Branch

Boys 400 Meters

5th 54.61 Connor Gmahl Mora, 6th 54.74 Jason Thieman Pine City

Girls 400 Meters

3rd 1:03.49 Avery Smith North Branch, 4th 1:03.51 Derrian Dick North Branch

Boys 800 Meters

5th 2:07.27 Weston Clementson Pine City, 8th 2:10.35 Braxton Peetz Pine City

Girls 800 Meters

3rd 2:31.22 Lola Schwinghamer, 10th 2:36.13 Allison Unverzagt Pine City

Boys 1600 Meters

Girls 1600 Meters

Boys 3200 Meters

Girls 3200 Meters

Boys 110 Hurdles

2nd 15.71 Tayven Peterson Mora State Bound!

Girls 100 Hurdles

4th 17.05 Shaeyna Andreotti North Branch, 6th 17.45 Corrin Vigstol Mora

Boys 300 Hurdles

1st 41.53 Tayven Peterson Mora State Bound!, 6th 44.51 Brody Rothe North Branch

Girls 300 Hurdles

Boys 4x100 Relay

4th 46.58 North Branch, 8th 48.16 Mora, 11th 50.85 Pine City

Girls 4x100 Relay

4th 52.67 Mora, 5th 52.79 North Branch, 7th 53.65 Pine City

Boys 4x200 Relay

3rd 1:34.23 North Branch, 6th 1:36.56 Mora, 9th 1:44.52 Pine City

Girls 4x200 Relay

1st 1:47.48 North Branch State Bound!, 4th 1:50.72 Mora, 7th 1:54.12 Pine City

Boys 4x400 Relay

2nd 3:33.30 North Branch State Bound!, 7th 3:42.33 Mora, 10th 3:55.12 Pine City

Girls 4x400 Relay

1st 4:10.19 North Branch State Bound!, 5th 4:20 Pine City, 8th 4:32.07 Mora

Boys 4x800 Relay

4th 8:34.34 Pine City, 8th 9:35.01 Mora

Girls 4x800 Relay

4th 10:23.51 Pine City, 6th 11:09.37 Mora

Boys Shot Put

Girls Shot Put

Boys Discus

Girls Discus

Boys High Jump

Girls High Jump

Boys Pole Vault

Girls Pole Vault

Boys Long Jump

Girls Long Jump

Boys Triple Jump

Girls Triple Jump

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