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Sherburne Village Concerned With Possible Annexation

The city of Princeton held a public hearing on a possible annexation of a mobile home park at their May city council meeting.

The property in question is the Sherburne Village located in Baldwin Township on County Road 2 which houses approximately 240 residents.

Many residents voiced their concerns with the request, stating proper notice wasn’t presented, that the city limit does not border the property which is required by the state statute and the potential increases in costs.

Jay Swanson, Chairperson of the Baldwin Township Board, spoke on his shared issues as well as the township not knowing of the request.

"We have not as the town been approached by Mr. Titcomb for what he wants to try to do there or any of that as far as how we can help" stated Mr. Swanson during the public hearing.

Mr. Swanson stated that the township is open to discussing changes that would keep the park in the township instead of changing borders

The city council will continue to gather information on the raised concerns and continue discussion at their next meeting.

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