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Two Pine County Artists begin Art Gallery Residency

Starting today, July 12, two Pine County artists will begin their three-week residency at the Pine Center for the Arts gallery in Pine City.

Woodcarver Bob Haedt and digital artist Mike Gainor will be showing off their works that have been influenced by nature and depict scenes from around the county.

According to the press release, Haedt began wood carving while in high school.

“I was just using a jackknife,” Haedt said. “We would ... go up to the Boundary Waters, and I just carved out a couple of canoes, a couple of paddles and tried to carve out a couple of loons and things like that.” He laughed.

Many of Haedt's works can already be spotted around the City of Pine City. He built the desk in the front desk of the Pine City Library, the podium at Pine City Hall, and displays at Pine City High School.

As editor of the Pine City Pioneer, Mike Gainor has been working as a photographer for many years; however, a couple of years ago, he discovered how neural network technology could be used to make ordinary digital images into unique works of art.

The result are these works of art that bridge the gap between watercolor painting and photograph.

The show opens on Friday, July 12 with a free reception at Pine Center for the Arts from 4-7 p.m., and the show will be open through Aug. 1 during the Art Center’s regular summer hours.

For more information, contact Pine Center for the Arts at 320-629-4924, email or visit

You can see examples of both Haedt's woodworking and Gainor's "Digital Mischief" art pieces below.

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